Draft to Measure Workshop

To start the pattern making process, please provide the following information:

  1. The bust, waist and hip measurements of your sample size.

  2. A technical flat of the front and back of each garment a spec sheet for each design.

  3. A fabric swatch for each design in the collection.

  4. A completed style sheet for each design. (Blank forms available from Palaza Designs.)




  1. A block pattern is drafted to your size specifications.

  2. From the block pattern, a muslin mockup is cut and sewn.

  3. The muslin mockup is *FIT to your model. The pattern is adjusted to reflect any changes.

  4. From the technical flats, style sheet or spec sheet, a stylized pattern is made from the block pattern incorporating details such as design lines, garment length, trim, and closures.

  5. A mockup of the stylized pattern is sewn in muslin fabric.

  6. The stylized mockup is *FIT to your model to review the style and fit. The pattern is adjusted to reflect any changes.

  7. A clean copy of the pattern is made on Kraft or dotted paper. A Cutter’s Must is included with each pattern.

Please note: All patterns and muslin mockups are for fit samples only.

*FITTING services are offered through Palaza Designs.