Pattern development at Palaza Designs follows a four-stage process that ensures successful production of the garment.



Step 1 Consultation
The initial consultation outlines the process of bringing a line or garment to production. You’ll need to have these items:
1. A sketch, technical flat, image, or the actual garment you want to create
2. Sample yardage of the fabric for each design
3. The measurements of your target customer or a garment spec sheet
Step 2 Pattern Making and Mock Up


Patterns are developed from measurements or from an in-house base pattern. A base pattern captures the fit of a garment and is used as a template to create stylized patterns. A sample or mock up of the base pattern is cut and sewn in muslin to test the fit on a model provided by the client.


Step 3 Stylized Pattern and First Prototype


After the base pattern fitting, a stylized pattern is developed from the fashion sketch or technical flat. A prototype of the stylized pattern is cut and sewn in sample yardage or muslin, then fit on the model to review the fit, style and details. After this step, the pattern is ready for prototyping in sample fabric by Palaza Designs or a sample maker of your choice.

Step 4  Patterns


All patterns are provided on Kraft paper and include a pattern card/cutter's must. Patterns may be transferred to oaktag for an additional fee.

Once your pattern is complete, Palaza Designs can recommend resources to assist in the sourcing of fabric, components, contractors and CAD services to continue the production of your line.