Pattern development for non-apparel products at Palaza Designs follows a three-stage process which ensures successful production of your

sewn product.



Pattern Making Services

Step 1 Consultation
The initial consultation outlines the process of bringing a sewn product to production. You will need to have these items to begin the process:
1. A sketch, technical flat, image, or sample of the product.*
2. Sample yardage of the fabric.
3. Components needed for the product such as zippers, snaps, Velcro etc.
4. The measurements of the product.
     *Product Development
Additional time needed for product development will be accessed at the initial consultation. A design change
Step 2 Pattern and First Sample


The first pattern is developed from measurements or samples provided; a sample is cut and sewn in fabric for review by the client.


Step 3 Pattern


After the sample is approved, a final pattern is developed in pattern paper along with a pattern card/cutter's must. Please note, pattern digitizing may be required by your contractor.

Production Services at Palaza Designs


Palaza Designs offers small production runs of non-apparel sewn products.

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